How to Play

Barbell Cards can be used as traditional playing card and used to create a random workout.





First, we are going to go over the fundementals of how the cards are organized and then some of our favorite ways to general random workouts.



The fundementals:


The Suits

The suits are split up for the most part by equipment needs and nature of movements. Then if you are looking for a certain type of workout or you don’t have all the equipment needed, you can just pull that suit out of the deck.  

 Spades     - Barbell movements

 Clubs       - Kettlebell (KB) movements 

 Diamonds  - Gymnastic/body weight movements that also utilize equipment.

 Hearts      - Gymnastic/body weight movements

 Jokers      - Specialized equipment needed

Use the entire deck, or take out suits in the deck to customize your workout needs and available equipment.


Numerical Values

Each card has a High and a Low value that can be used to help determine the number of workout repitions, distances, or timing. The Low value is the actual card value, with face values being 10, and the High value is the smaller number.


  • It can be fun to have the group call out High or Low just before the card is flipped or alternate High/Low to add variety in a workout. 



Let us know!

We love to hear all of the different ways that our customers use our cards. Email us at and share your games, pictures, comments, and questions.




Our Favorite Random Workout Generating Techniques/Games:


    Games you can look forward to:

    Deal a hand 

    Kings and Queens

    Aces High

    Jokers Wild

    Benchmark Workouts